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Christian Zeiler, Paul Graff, and I worked on this beast of a shot in 2015. This was a stitch of multiple plates but also includes a giant matte painting over top of the stitch. It was one really long continuous vfx shot. The continuity between different plates was a bit tricky to work with, for example all the different action taking place. There were cars driving, people walking, etc. The trees are cg, created with Speedtree and Octane. The explosions were the work of Benjamin Blood using FumeFX. Compositing on these shots and others, was done with Crazy Horse East.

Visual Effects Supervisor Paul Graff
Visual Effects Producer Xina Graff
FX Simuation - Benjamin Blood
Compositor - Christian Zeiler
Compositor - Björn Ahlstedt

Björn Ahlstedt

I'm a Freelance Motion Designer & VFX Generalist in New York City, available for collaboration.

Since 2013, I've been fortunate to collaborate with some amazing studios, agencies and individuals. I'm passionate about an ever expanding skill set and push to learn new areas within vfx and mograph.

Contact me for remote or on-location collaborations, bookings, project enquiries via the form below!

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